Pandoras Wallet is a decentralized mobile wallet product that supports multiple underlying token systems and locates the decentralized multi-chain wallet DAPP+. Currently, the “Pandoras” wallet is mainly in asset management, creating a full-chain DApp application ecosystem +, incubating through Pandoras Labs Massive DApp and multi-dimensional ecological cooperation to dig deep into the market and establish industry awareness.
Decentralized wallet, multiple security
Pandoras is a core concept of decentralized multi-chain coexistence and DAPP ecological development. It will join hands with blockchain entrepreneurs to help the project value and explore the new future of blockchain economy. Through the "Pandoras" wallet EOS Ecology and HD Wallet storage can provide users with unified management of multi-blockchain assets. Pandoras wallet not only supports the storage and management of mainstream assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, but also supports intelligent contract platforms such as BTC, ETH, EOS and PandoraOS. The standard agreement quickly increases the tokens issued on each platform. While reducing the burden of user management, it also provides wallet service support for new projects, allowing the DAPP project team to focus more on core services.

“Pandoras” adheres to the core of the blockchain and provides users with a decentralized digital currency storage solution. The wallet key and the address private key information of all types of currencies are stored in the user's local system. At the same time, Pandoras offers a convenient key backup solution - users only need to make one backup, write down 12 words and save them to a safe place. Even with the subsequent addition of digital currency types, all categories of digital currency assets can be recovered with 12 words backed up. In addition to giving users full control over the wallet key, “Pandoras” also provides multi-signature technical protection and two-step authorization verification for digital asset management of different sizes. Users can choose to verify the mobile phone verification code, fingerprint, bio and other methods during the transfer transaction. , to ensure the safety of digital currency assets in all aspects. Bring any EOS account to Pandoras using the EOS private key. This key is encrypted on the phone using military-grade technology and can only be unlocked with your personal password. This is an unregulated, secure method supported by the EOS Block Producer App Coalition.

Crypto Asset Exchange
Pandoras Wallet provides users with simple, convenient and secure redemption and transaction services through the original NO-LOCALCOIN exchange network and docking OTC system API. The “Pandoras” platform develops the NO-LOCALCOIN exchange network. Users use the “Pandoras” to exchange digital currencies. The platform or other third parties create exchanged smart contracts. The contract mechanism monitors and performs the redemption process, avoiding the parties involved. Default risk in the course of the transaction. Compared to centralized platform services, smart contracts avoid the subjective default risk of the platform or objectively suffer damage to the user.
Pandoras Labs  Venture Capital Incubation Fund
Pandoras wallet's open smart contract account will bring out (DIF) 30% of the proceeds as a reward for PandorasDapp's eco-development. Pandoras will focus on the development of decentralized ecology to create an efficient and open venture capital incubation base, screened by Pandoras. High-quality applications can be promoted and displayed on Pandoras' DApp venture platform. Investors can browse the project catalogue and obtain comprehensive information (including financing progress, release data, project introduction, etc.) to help blockchain. Investors find investment opportunities and track project dynamics, reduce communication costs between project investment and financing, and efficiently facilitate project docking. At the same time, Pandoras users browsing and digital asset browsing will receive Pandoras' millions of reward developers to continue to advance the Pandoras ecosystem.
Pandoras wallet DAPP Ecology
On June 19, 2019, Pandoras will open the world's first Pandoras wallet DAPP (Flame Schedule) fire-fighting plan game, with 10%-15% profit per round,Monthly Income 10% to 30%,  which can be repeated and repeated; the fire plan will be Pandoras' DAPP ecosystem. The most powerful tool for drainage. There are more EOS, ETH games, matching deals, DAPP and other wallet features, waiting for you to experience. Pandoras has created a new global DeFi landscape that has attracted the interest and participation of blockchain enthusiasts from around the world.

Pandoras Security Contract Account
Security contract account: As a security contract account publicized by the whole network, it is used to protect the asset security of DAPP participants. The contract account record is published to the whole network, and the user can query it, and the whole process can be supervised and transparent.
Source of assets for the security account:
30% of the total revenue of the Pandoras wallet (DAPP contribution) is automatically deposited into the security contract
Pandora (DIF) Diffraction Total 30% of funds automatically enter the security contract

Athena Token application
“ATHENA” is a token issued by the Pandoras team based on the EOS main network. The use of development resources in the Pandoras sidechain will require the use of “ATHENA”, which is required to maintain the Pandoras Dapp ecosystem and will power the entire ecosystem. DIF mechanism: total 199 million, DIF ratio 39.7%; initial price $0.2,   300,000 Athena Token per round of DIF (diffraction), 264 rounds of DIF (diffraction).
The value of ATHENA Token

DAPP ecological application circulation
Because of the blockchain world identity ID identification feature, the wallet will undoubtedly use the wallet as a terminal entry. Each DAPP will have a community that connects different blockchain applications through the Pandoras wallet, which not only improves the playability of Dapp, but also connects the blockchain application to the economy through the wallet. DAPP Ecology “Fuel: “ATHENA” is necessary to keep the Pandoras system up and running, and will power the entire ecosystem. When Pandoras develops into a decentralized trading wallet, users of Pandoras need to be “on DAPP Ecology and PandoraOS”. Pandora" as a fuel.
"Pandoras" platform and sidechain
The Pandoras sidechain focuses on the financial functions of digital assets rather than complex business logic. The advantage of this design is safety and high performance, with no redundant data. To achieve commercial-grade applications, you must achieve commercial-grade throughput. From the design indicators, EOS passed and
The way of the chain chain can reach up to one million TPS, and even the parallel local chain can achieve the confirmation speed of milliseconds. It can be said that the superiority of EOS in terms of throughput is unparalleled. "Pandoras" will provide DApp developers on the sidechain with Chinese and English versions of development documentation, developer tools, Javascript SDK, and rich sample code, allowing developers to focus on product feature development and efficiently complete the Pandoras sidechain. Product application deployment.
Pandoras Dapp Ecological entrance
The DAPP eco-portal product developed by Pandoras will build a portal for millions of users to enter the DAPP eco-world, and will also build strong industry barriers based on traffic. The Pandoras client integrates asset management transactions, market information, project ventures, DAPP application distribution, etc., and optimizes the mature product architecture to make their scenarios more natural and convergent, but not bloated, its core purpose It is to let users get the most elegant experience in the blockchain world, maximizing the value of presenting and amplifying the blockchain technology.
The Pandoras team is committed to better presenting blockchain technology to users, allowing users to land on various application scenarios based on different attributes, bringing users the best product experience and solving the current lack of experience and practicality in blockchain technology. Sexual problems.

Pandoras DAPP Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Platform
Building a DAPP ecosystem and building a distributed data traffic platform
1. "venture capital fund" of Pandoras Dapp entrance traffic construction/
2. Construction of Pandoras Wallet DAPP crowdfunding platform
3. Construction of Pandoras Credit System
4. Decentralized Exchange DAPP
5. Decentralized Digital Assets Cross-Chain Cash Tool DAPP
6. Decentralized Digital Assets Commodity Transaction DAPP
7. Application of Distributed Database
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Pandoras Wallet is a decentralized digital currency wallet that integrates digital asset management + full-chain DAPP application ecology + multi-dimensional market services. Join Flame Schedule game, and profits 10%-15% per round, Monthly Income 10% to 30%, creating a new global DeFi landscape, attracting interest from blockchain enthusiasts around the world=>【Click Here to Join Now】
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Monthly Income 10% to 30%
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Pandoras Wallet is a decentralized digital currency wallet that integrates digital asset management + full-chain DAPP application ecology + multi-dimensional market services. Join Flame Schedule game, and profits 10%-15% per round, Monthly Income 10% to 30%, creating a new global DeFi landscape, attracting interest from blockchain enthusiasts around the world