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Pandoras will create the DApp Super Portal and put the blockchain into a pocket
The great companies born in the Internet era, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and China's Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu, all of them have seized the real traffic portal, thus creating a market value of 100 billion.
What is the entrance to the blockchain for the blockchain in the new era of the Internet? What is the largest number of people in the convergence field? The real entrance will surely satisfy the high-frequency use scene that almost everyone can't live without. The exchange is gradually abandoned by users due to its centralization and security loopholes. More and more users choose wallets to trade. The essence of the blockchain is the transmission of value, and the wallet is often the place where the value starts and the place to belong. It is undoubtedly the infrastructure and important traffic entrance of the entire blockchain era. Perhaps one day, it can integrate one-stop multi-function services such as chat, media and online payment, like the mobile Internet WeChat, to build a complete ecosystem and lead the new Internet economy.
Blockchain traffic entry disputes Digital sail wallet market
According to the University of Cambridge's "Global Cryptographic Benchmark Study" report, the total number of encrypted wallets (accounts) in 2016 was 8.2 million, and in 2018 it reached 35 million, an increase of more than three times. This also shows that the development of the entire blockchain is still in its early stages, and the battle for blockchain wallets has just begun. Soon, more entrepreneurial teams and giants will join the melee.At present, most of the wallet projects that have emerged on the market are nothing more than several models:The first, purely tool, can only be used to store digital currency. This model, the space of imagination, is not significant.
Second, finance. Traditional finance is nothing more than two parts, financial management and borrowing. This is why a large number of financial technology players enter the market to make wallets. However, the financial sector has always been a densely populated area, and it is still time to adjust the blockchain compliance. The prospects are not clear.
Third, social. In the wallet, you have added chat, community and other functions. Introducing WeChat's social features, just like a circle of friends, everyone can like each other and interact.
The fourth is the application. In the wallet ecology, we can continuously open the third-party application ecosystem, and even find a series of landing scenes like Alipay. This is also the blockchain traffic entry that has been optimistic in the industry.
The fifth is the ultimate model of all current wallet ideas: payment and trading. Obviously, such a world needs to be explored from the realization of real technology.Therefore, security and DApp ecological construction have become short-lived and long-term problems that wallets need to face. But at present, most of the wallets have only come to a very early stage of function, and the barriers between the various families are serious, and the ecological construction of the wallet is far from enough.
DApp traffic portal becomes the ultimate vision of the wallet
DApp is D+App, D is the first letter of decentralization of English words, and word translation Chinese is decentralized, that is, DApp is a decentralized application.
In essence, Dapp is an APP that uses blockchain technology and is structured on a blockchain network. Different blockchain networks may correspond to several different deployment scenarios. For ordinary users, whether it is APP or DApp, they are just a product, just need to be as easy and easy to use as we installed the app in the phone.
With the maturity of the public chain, especially the progressive improvement of blockchain infrastructure such as EOS and Ethereum, some DApp applications in games, finance, social, and pan-fun are gradually developed, with thousands of DApp, users need to have a place to discover and download. After satisfying the download function, the management of the wallet naturally has a close connection with the DApp. When the user develops to a certain extent, the wallet becomes a DApp distribution channel, and even becomes an irreplaceable super traffic portal in the blockchain era.
The constant pursuit of Pandoras From tools to ecology
The first priority of Pandora is always to protect the digital assets of users with professional technology, and to drive products and markets with technology. How to build a "Pandora" basic wallet product experience and reduce the barriers for users to understand the blockchain has always been the top priority of team thinking. “Pandora” will help users to weigh the security and ease of use in the most professional way, just like the innovation of image hash technology, which is based on the user experience “fooling” and the hash value of the image. Higher professional research solutions.
The “Pandora” wallet will have a large user base in the future, which can serve as a window for users to enter the world of blockchain, not just limited to one storage tool. This is also the direction of Pandora's efforts. It will use blockchain technology to integrate wallet, community, wealth management, information, DApp portal and other functions to create a “super-entry of blockchain”. In the future, it will connect more protocols and DApp teams in the blockchain field, creating a very open blockchain platform for users. It will even create a professional DApp Store, which will become the hosting container for the application scenario. Users can enjoy rich blockchain services and become massive blockchain services without using other applications, just like using WeChat applets. Entrance. "Pandora" hopes to connect users and DApps, and hopes to make the whole blockchain industry focus on DApp content and user experience, creating a true user-level application ecosystem.
For example, when the user wants to play the encrypted cat game, he can open the “Pandora” wallet, enter the DApp, select and use it, or download the DApp application to the local through the wallet and use it directly. The feasibility of landing the blockchain Dapp after the cryptokitties (Ethercat) developed based on Ethereum has been confirmed, and the game is also regarded as the most suitable for the blockchain development, which will also be the "Pandora" attempt. One of the directions of the layout. DApp allows us to have an infinite imagination of the future. Perhaps, in the future, DApp can completely replace today's payment platforms and application platforms, just like they came 30 years ago.
Pandoras DAPP Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Platform
Building a DAPP ecosystem and building a distributed data traffic platform
1. "venture capital fund" of Pandoras Dapp entrance traffic construction
2. Construction of Pandoras Wallet DAPP crowdfunding platform
3. Construction of Pandoras Credit System
4. Decentralized Exchange DAPP
5. Decentralized Digital Assets Cross-Chain Cash Tool DAPP
6. Decentralized Digital Assets Commodity Transaction DAPP
7. Application of Distributed Database

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Pandoras Wallet is a decentralized digital currency wallet that integrates digital asset management + full-chain DAPP application ecology + multi-dimensional market services. Join Flame Schedule game, and profits 10%-15% per round, Monthly Income 10% to 30%, creating a new global DeFi landscape, attracting interest from blockchain enthusiasts around the world